About Us

ABOUT Delak Investment Limited

Delak Investment Limited is a private online venture organization that has been lawfully enlisted in New Zealand. We are a gathering of the gifted money related experts having an abnormal state of learning and long haul rehearse in the venture field. We have been filling in as a private store since quite a long while .

Presently we have opened our online task offering our exercises around the world. We reinvest the assets we get from our speculators. The assets are put into high development securites on all real securities exchanges of the world.

We also trade actively on the Forex Market. Delak Investment Limited is to provide our investors with a great oppurtunity for their funds by investing as prudently as possible in various areanas to gain a high rates in return

Supervisory Board

Delak Investment Limited employs separate and independent teams of highly experienced Delak Traders, IT experts, customer care experts and finally the team that handles all operations related to our investment platform. Leaders from each of these teams group up to form a supervisory board which functions with our main board of directors and overlooks the entire operation of the company to ensure maximum stability and efficiency for you, our partner.

Delak Investment Limited was built to ensure the quality of its services and of course, to provide the offered profit rates without risking our investors' capital. Having this supervisory board regulating our activities allows us to work under very high quality standards and provide you with a top botch environment for your investments.

The members of our supervisory board are actively involved in strategic decisions related to our business model and have been closely monitoring our online expansion plan to make sure it was in accordance with all the legal requirements for such activities.

Our supervisory board is promptly consulted in taking day to day decisions and also has view-only access to our reserves and trading accounts to generate reports about the stability of our business and propose new ideas when necessary.

We also welcome known and reputed individuals having a decent investment portfolio with Delak Investment Limited and are interested in promoting and becoming a part of Delak Investment Limited team to contact us and be a part of our Supervisory board.

ABOUT Delak Investment Limited

We additionally exchange effectively on the Forex Market. Delak Investment Limited is to furnish our financial specialists with an incredible oppurtunity for their assets by putting as judiciously as conceivable in different areanas to pick up a high rates consequently

Delak Investment Limited benefits every one of our speculators. Ensure face to face; taking an individual part in our venture and securing an abnormal state of pay. A few duty designs will enable you to wind up a financial specialist everybody who needs to, paying little mind